"NTTN" (Non-Training-Training-Night)

Date: 15/12/2017

Come and join us on Friday 15th December for our Annual Non-Training-Training-Night (NTTN) in Monton, Manchester.


This is our Christmas night out were there will be no training of the karate kind whatsoever!! Just lots of fun, some friendly banter and maybe... just maybe the odd alcoholic drink or two (well lots really!)


Definitely not a night out for our junior members, but all parents are very welcome to come along and join the "grown up" members having a night out!!


We will be meeting from 8.00pm in the Blue Bell pub at Monton and may, or may not move on from there. Christmas jumpers are actively encouraged and we will be having a Secret Santa (presents should be of no more than £5 in value - so basically any old tatt will do - but humorous if possible) 

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