Red Sun Karate Manchester Prices

The following is a brief outline of the cost for training. 


Compared to most activities karate is very good value for money. The Instructors at Red Sun Karate are volunteers and are still as passionate about training and teaching karate as when they themselves first started training.


Annual Membership Fee: £25.00

WTKO Annual Licene Fee: £25.00

Standard (Student) Karate Uniform (Do-Gi): £30.00

Superior Heavyweight Uniform (Do-Gi): £60.00


Monthly training Fee:

Juniors - £25.00, Seniors - £35.00 (this is for unlimited training)

Red Sun Karate also have a discount scheme for family members, please ask for further details. 


Pay per lesson: £8.00


Grading fees: £25.00

(students passing their grading examination will be provided with a certificate and a new belt)


Dan Grade Examinations: these are set by the WTKO - prices will be confirmed 1 month prior to any Dan Grading Examination.


Training fees and grading costs shall be reviewed annually